2017 releases


THE DARK KNIGHT Trilogy (2005/8/12), Warner 4K Ultra HD, 18th Dec.  

THE DARK TOWER (2017), Sony blu-ray, 11th Dec. 


1990: The Complete Collection (1977-8), Simply Media DVD, 20th Nov.  

WHISKY GALORE! (2016), Arrow blu-ray, 8th Nov. 


FEAR IN THE NIGHT (1972), Studio Canal - Hammer horror blu-ray, 30th Oct. 

TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT (2017), Paramount 4K UHD, 30th Oct. 

BUSHWICK (2017), Kaleidoscope blu-ray, 23rd Oct. 

THE MUMMY (2017), Universal blu-ray, 23rd Oct.  

GETTING ANY? (1994), Third Window blu-ray, 16th Oct. 

MIRACLE MILE (1988), Arrow DVD, 16th Oct.  

THE UNTAMED (2016), Arrow Academy DVD, 9th Oct.  


DARK MATTER: Season Three (2017), Acorn DVD, 11th Sep.  

FIRES ON THE PLAIN (2014), Third Window blu-ray / DVD , 11th Sep.  


SUPERGIRL: The Complete Second Season (2016-7), Warner blu-ray, 21st Aug.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: The Complete Second Season (2016-7), Warner blu-ray, 14th Aug.   


DREAMSCAPE (1984), Second Sight blu-ray, 31st Jul.  

ELECTRIC DREAMS (1984), Second Sight blu-ray, 31st Jul.    

POWER RANGERS (2017), Lions Gate blu-ray, 31st Jul.  

ELITE FORCE: OPERATION MEKONG (2016), Cine Asia DVD, 17th Jul.  

RESIDENT EVIL: VENDETTA (2017), Sony blu-ray, 17th Jul.  

PULSE (2001), Arrow DVD, 10th Jul.   

STORMY MONDAY (1988), Arrow DVD, 10th Jul.  

TRESPASS AGAINST US (2016), Lions Gate blu-ray, 3rd Jul.  


THE AMITYVILLE HORROR (1979), Second Sight blu-ray, 26th Jun.  

THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (2016), Lions Gate blu-ray, 26th Jun.  

PATRIOTS DAY (2016), Lions Gate blu-ray, 26th Jun. 

IP MAN: THE FINAL FIGHT (2013) Cine Asia blu-ray, 12th Jun.

RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER (2016), Sony blu-ray, 12th Jun. 


UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS (2016), Sony blu-ray, 29th May  

PASSENGERS (2016), Sony blu-ray, 8th May  

XX (2017), Soda DVD, 8th May   


PHANTASM 1-5: Limited Edition Collection (1979 - 2016), Arrow blu-ray, 25th Apr.  

BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES (2014), Second Sight blu-ray, 10th Apr.   

ALICE (1990), Arrow Academy blu-ray, 3rd Apr. 

CRIMES AND MISDEMEANOURS (1989), Arrow Academy blu-ray, 3rd Apr. 

SHADOWS AND FOG (1991), Arrow Academy blu-ray, 3rd Apr. 

TOMBOY (aka: The Assignment, 2016), Precision DVD, 3rd Apr.


FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM (2016) Warner blu-ray, 27th Mar. 

THE CHAMBER (2016), Studio Canal blu-ray, 20th Mar. 

PROPERTY IS NO LONGER A THEFT (1973), Arrow Academy blu-ray, 20th Mar.  

ANOTHER WOMAN (1988), Arrow Academy blu-ray, 6th Mar. 

SEPTEMBER (1987), Arrow Academy blu-ray, 6th Mar.


HANNAH AND HER SISTERS (1986), Arrow Academy blu-ray, 20th Feb.

INFERNO (2016), Sony blu-ray, 20th Feb. 

RADIO DAYS (1987), Arrow Academy blu-ray, 20th Feb. 


DEEPWATER HORIZON (2016), Lions Gate blu-ray, 30th Jan.

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (2016), Sony blu-ray, 23rd Jan.

HELL OR HIGH WATER (2016), Studio Canal blu-ray, 9th Jan.

CALL OF HEROES (2016), Cine Asia blu-ray, 2nd Jan.

SOMNUS (2016), Soda DVD, 2nd Jan.