2018 releases


INCREDIBLES 2 (2018), Disney Pixar Blu-ray, 19th Nov. 

CLIFFHANGER (1993), Studio Canal 4K UHD, 12th Nov. 

RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD (1982), Studio Canal 4K UHD, 12th Nov.

RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD - Part II (1985), Studio Canal 4K UHD, 12th Nov.

RAMBO III (1988), Studio Canal 4K UHD, 12th Nov. 

LONG WEEKEND (1978), Second Sight Blu-ray, 5th Nov.  


MANDY (2018), Universal Blu-ray, 29th Oct.  

HALLOWEEN (1978), LionsGate 4K UHD, 1st Oct.  

THE KING (2017), Dogwoof DVD, 1st Oct.  

UFO (2017), Sony DVD, 1st Oct.  


LAKE PLACID: LEGACY (2018), Sony DVD, 28th Sep.

LAST YEAR IN MARIENBAD (1961), Studio Canal Blu-ray, 17th Sep. 


THE LAST WARRIOR (aka: The Scythian, 2018), 4 Digital Media DVD, 20th Aug.  

RAMPAGE (2018), Warner Blu-ray, 20th Aug.  

A QUIET PLACE (2018), Paramount 4K UHD, 13th Aug. 

TIDELAND (2005), Arrow Blu-ray, 13th Aug.  

THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN (2018), Warner / DC Blu-ray, 6th Aug. 

READY PLAYER ONE (2018), Warner Blu-ray, 6th Aug.   


211 (2018), LionsGate DVD, 23rd Jul.  

GENESIS (2018), LionsGate DVD, 16th Jul. 

TOMB RAIDER (2018), Warner 4K UHD, 16th Jul.   

TRAFFIK (2018), LionsGate DVD, 16th Jul.  
THE HUMANITY BUREAU (2017), 101 Films Blu-ray 2nd Jul. 


THE LODGERS (2017), Thunderbird DVD, 25th Jun. 

XTRO (1982), Second Sight Blu-ray, 18th Jun. 


DOWNSIZING (2017), Paramount Blu-ray, 28th May   

MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE (2018), 20th Century Fox DVD, 28th May  

THE COMMUTER (2018), StudioCanal Blu-ray, 21st May  

EXISTENZ (1999), 101 Films Blu-ray/ DVD, 21st May   

THE JURASSIC GAMES (2018), High Fliers DVD, 21st May  

DRAGON MOUNTAIN (aka: The Dwarves Of Demrel, 2018), High Fliers DVD, 14th May  

RAWHEAD REX (1986), Arrow Blu-ray, 14th May  

SPACE TRUCKERS (1996), Second Sight Blu-ray, 14th May    

THE MAD DEATH (1983), Simply Media DVD, 7th May  

NIGHTMARES (1983), 101 Films Blu-ray/ DVD, 7th May 

SINGULARITY (2017), Thunderbird DVD, 7th May  


KILLJOYS: Season Three (2017), Universal Playback Blu-ray, 23rd Apr.    

ACCIDENT MAN (2018), Sony DVD, 16th Apr.  

AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON (1987), 101 Films Blu-ray/ DVD, 2nd Apr.   

LIES WE TELL (2017), Bradford International DVD, 2nd Apr.  

SCORE: A FILM MUSIC DOCUMENTARY (2016), Dogwoof DVD, 2nd Apr.  


FEMALE FIGHT CLUB (aka: Female Fight Squad, 2016), Exploitation DVD, 26th Mar.

LOVE AND OTHER CULTS (2017), Third Window Blu-ray, 26th Mar.  

REX (aka: Megan Leavey, 2017), LionsGate DVD, 19th Mar. 

KICKBOXER: RETALIATION (2018), Kaleidoscope Blu-ray, 5th Mar. 


JIGSAW (2017), LionsGate Blu-ray, 26th Feb. 

THE LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM (1988), LionsGate Blu-ray, 26th Feb.  

GEOSTORM (2017), Warner Blu-ray, 19th Feb. 

BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT (2018), DC / Warner DVD, 5th Feb.  

BLADE RUNNER 2049 (2017), Sony 4K UHD, 5th Feb.   

FLATLINERS (2017), Sony Blu-ray, 5th Feb.  


WOLF WARRIOR II (2017), Cine Asia Blu-ray, 29th Jan.  

MOTHER! (aka: mother!, 2017), Paramount 4K UHD, 22nd Jan. 

AMERICAN ASSASSIN (2017), LionsGate 4K UHD, 15th Jan.

BEYOND SKYLINE (2017), Signature Blu-ray, 8th Jan.  

STARSHIP TROOPERS: TRAITOR OF MARS (2017), Sony Blu-ray, 8th Jan.